DIY Algae Bioreactors

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Hi friends!

Algae Girl here. Just dropping by to share today's word on algae.

Did you know algae transforms greenhouse gases into oxygen, soil and food through photosynthesis?

When you grow algae, you convert CO2 into oxygen and produce other valuable by-products.
Using even just the waste CO2 from the ambient air in your home created by your breath, combustion and fermentation processes, you can grow algae for food, pigments, nutritional supplements and even soil enrichment. Grow some spirulina, chlorella or blue-green algae in a bioreactor with a tap, then add to your morning smoothie!

It's time to grow our own biofuels dontchya know?

Many DIY researchers (and pros) are growing strains of algae known for their high oil content; such as spirulina and botryococcus braunii. They are running algae experiments to see how fatty they can get the algae to grow. Check out and the Yahoo Tech Group called Oil_from_Algae.

Did you know? Strains of algae that are high in starches can be used to make ethanol! Finding native strains high in starches in regions near a brewery or ethanol plant would create a sustainable, closed-loop energy system. High amounts of CO2 produced in the process of fermenting alcohol or ethanol would be fed directly to algae which then grows profusely and can be harvested to make ethanol.

Are you in love with algae yet?

I am currently writing a how-to guide to be self-published, which includes algae information and a bioreactor tutorial. I am also making myself available to teach workshops and provide tech support to algae farmers. To compensate for receiving these services, you can make a small (tax-deductible) suggested donation to the Chlorophyll Collective and support this work.

Please oh please jump on this algae train with me! We're already saving the world, one oxygen-producing algae bioreactor at a time.

Looking forward!
Meggio Omega
aka Algae Girl
meggio (at)

ps, check out the photo i uploaded called "algae bioreactors"
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