How much should a screen porch cost?

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The space- approx. 12 x 24 . Foundation and brick paver floor already exists. Estimates I've received range from $15,000 for a high quality aluminum deal , with roof, skylight to $23,000 for framed in space with vaulted ceilings and skylight, to $7000 for just a screen with doors- no roof.

These all sound ridiculously expensive to me, especially since the concrete slab and floor are already done.

Am I being ripped off with these estimate? I was thinking $10,000 max for framed in hardy board with a door and maybe one skylight.
Electric was not included in the estimates above. Feedback , please...
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    I finally got a reasonable estimate. We live in an area that is sometimes percieved as "well to do" therefore any and most contractors bid high thinking that they can get away with a little extra padding on the price. Yesterday I got an estimate for $8500 which seems reasonable- FINALLY!.....Now I just need a patio extension.............
    • So what are you getting for $8500?

      You are correct in your observation that contractors, at times, price based upon perceived ability to pay. However, how much other work the contractor has lined up, the specific scope of work, and reputational factors to name a few also come into play.
      • Consider that a contractor's bid primarily relates to quality of materials and cost of labor. You get what you pay for.

        Contrary to the high class high price thought is that a contractor would prefer to work with clients of means and future work.

        Typically a client who has or requests multiple bids (more than 3) is a cheapskate to be avoided. In the end bids are not free, they take time to produce and that cost will be recovered somehow by a successful contractor.

        People that want a Cadillac for the cost of a Chevy, usually end up with a Yugo.
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          I definately do not want a Yugo or a Pacer .....

          This is a reputable company and I don't think I'm getting ripped off at all- but interesting a similar company for the same kind of work wanted almost double $8500- go figure. How could materials be so much more?
          • There is absolutely nothing wrong with shopping around. Don't take that cheapskate crack to heart. I had plans done by a professional for a remod and when I was talking to architects, I had qoutes just for the plans that varied by $7000.00. I went with someone fresh out of school and got a better job than I could have gotton from the high priced pencil pusher. And, she walkd the plans through the permit process for no extra charge...

            Do make sure they are licensed and in good standing and ask for references.

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