getting sticky tape residue off wooden chair

topic posted Tue, June 20, 2006 - 5:46 PM by  bhall
I have a nice wooden rocking chair from my deceased grandmother that had masking tape on the bottom rockers. Problem is, I live in a desert and the tape dried out and won't come off. I've tried soaking it with wet rags, scraping it, and using some different oils without much success. Any other ideas?
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  • I live in the desert you do and have never had to deal with that problem, but I can see that it would be a "sticky" one. It may well have bonded to the wood permanently. If that is true you will have to remove the surface of the wood.

    First, did you try Murphy's oil soap? That is a wondeful tool for getting scummy stuff offf wood.

    Also, did you try gentle-ly abraiding the tape off with fine grade steel wool?

    You didn't mention how extensive the tape was or what kind of finish the chair had. It may be necessary to strip off the finish and re-finish hte wood. If it is only on the rocker, perhaps you won't have to do the whole chair. It might be hard to match the finish that is on the remainder of the chair, but you can work with that.

    I hope that is helpful but more info would be useful. if you can attach a digital image to your personal page we can look at it.
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    usually any veggie oil will loosen most PSA adhesives rather quicky.

    If that doesn't work you may have a refinishing issue like Larre said.

    Depending on how old the chair is and where it was made the original finish may be varnish or shellac or both.

    If it's both the shellac was likely the sealer underneath the varnish.

    If shellac is the sealer and applied over an oil stain then it penetrated somewhat into the wood and locked in some stain
    Chances are fair that the PSA adhesive didn't penetrate too deeply and you may not have to sand down so far that you expose the unstained wood. caution is key.

    If it were a newer piece the finish would be a laquer or a catalyzing urethane and likely had the finish and the stain all together in one application. This is a pretty shitty way to finish furniture but it's cheap & is what they sell people in the stores today.

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    Wed, June 21, 2006 - 10:16 AM
    Have you tried Skin So Soft by Avon? It's good for cleaning sticky stuff off of things, as well as being good for the wood.

    If you can't get Skin So Soft, try mineral's the active ingredient in SSS and might work.

    Good luck!

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      Re: getting sticky tape residue off wooden chair

      Wed, June 21, 2006 - 11:59 AM
      I second a veggie oil because it won't hurt the finish. My favorite is smearing peanut butter on it and leaving it for a few days for the oil to soak all the way through, it usually comes off easily then.
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        Re: getting sticky tape residue off wooden chair

        Wed, June 21, 2006 - 12:20 PM
        How About Goo Off? It's available at Bed Bath & Beyond, grocery stores, lots of places. It takes the sticky stuff right off without any damage.
        • WD-40 also takes gooey stuff off anything, especially glass, but I would never recommend using this unless you test it somewhere first to make sure it doesn't hurt the finish.
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            Tue, September 5, 2006 - 11:01 AM
            Be very careful using WD-40. It is oil based and since it is being sprayed, it can easily get into your lungs. Not a good thing.

            Wear a mask when using...always.

            My grandson came to me this weekend with marks on his arm where he had wrapped electrical tape. A cotton pad with Skin So Soft took it off in a second.

            Never use anything abrasive on wood especially, when it is an old piece. The oil should work....let us know.
  • I always use stuff called "surgical benzine" here in switzerland. Its fabulous for getting any sticky off. It is the stuff used for removing surgical bandage tapes residue off skin etc. You can buy it here at any chemist for very little money. Just dont know what you call it where you are..

    I just had much success removing old, completely faded stickers off a 20 year outdoor letter box, without the slightest scratch..the stickers had turned completely brittle, slicing a little under my fingernail as I scratched at it, but came off the box without harming it.

    It evaporates fast, so you have to keep dowsing the area with a well soaked tissue etc, but given a few moments it should give way.
  • Skin So Soft by Avon would be my first choice. I have used it to remove sticky left from tape before it works might take a little elbo grease to get the job done. the other thing that may work is WD40 Either of of these should do the trick. Good Luck
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    Re: getting sticky tape residue off wooden chair

    Fri, August 25, 2006 - 7:07 PM
    And at worst - lighter fluid (as in cigarette lighter)...

    there used to be some stuff called "Gunk Off" which was really lighter fluid.
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      Sat, August 26, 2006 - 7:59 AM
      I've been using this stuff called "Pure Citrus" which is 100% natural, just plain citrus oil, in a non-aerosol spray can. I've been getting it at the local supermarket, wal mart carries the orange but the mixed citrus is nicer IMO, as some cans smell like grapefruit and some like tangerines............i like surprises. Anyway, it covers up odors fast and completely, cleans all sorts of gum or tar off of various instruments...., and does a great job of getting labels off of things. Don't get it in your eyes or on your skin, just because it's natural sure doesn't mean it's not caustic. Anyway, i think it's the cheapest and easiest to use citrus oil i've found. It should do the trick on the rocker.
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    If you go to your local grocery store they should sell somethink called "Goo Gone" This will losten the glue in a matter of seconds! And is safe on wood!

    P.S. "Goo Gone" might be under a diffrent name such as "Gook Off"
    • Didn't they use gook off during the vietnam and Korean wars?
      • Okay, here's what you do :

        Turn the chair upside down. Then use a small blade, like a Swiss army knife and scrape off as much hardened tape as you can off the rockers. Be careful not to gouge the wood.

        Then, you use some 80 grit sand paper to get the remnants of tape and hardened adhesive off. Make sure to use long even strokes with the sand paper.

        Then, you take some 120 grit sand paper to smoothe it all down. Make sure to use long even strokes.

        Put the chair upright and rock it . Observe the rockers for bumps and sand the high spots for a smoother rock.

        Repeat as needed and when you are finished, you will have cleaned and tuned up your rocking chair.

        Warn your cats.
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    Sat, August 18, 2012 - 8:41 PM
    Hi, I would suggest a ethanol or a hard alchohol (sort of the same thing).
    Ethanol or Vodka will disolve the sticky residue. Just put some on a micrfiber towel or a regular towel
    and get the area soaked. Give it a few minutes then do it again with more pressure. Shold get it right out.
    good luck, Craig

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