snap button on pants broken

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So my top snap metal button thingy is broken on a most loved pair of pants. it just won't stay snapped for long anymore, what can be done?

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  • Yup, the style most commonly used on Jeans/Pants are called "Western Snaps".

    Go to any sewing store, and ask them. Even Jo-Anns. Michaels probably doesn't have them, as they seem to focus on wicker, plastic plants, crosstitching, and picture framing.

    Most likely, you will have to replace both the top and the bottom snap, so that you know they fit. You can usually pull off the old one with a screwdriver and/or pliers. (Notice how the inside piece goes in, and flanges out in the middle, which holds it in place, bend these pieces back up, and the snap will come off).

    Use the old hole, and put the snap in. Some places have a cheapo tool that is a little more difficult to use, to attach snaps (costs around $3 for the tool, $5 for a pack of snaps.) A high end tool that squeezes like pliers costs more like $25.
    • Aaron, I got mine from Michael's and the link I posted was from Michael's website stating that they sell them and the setting tool. I'm sure Joann's has them, but their website was down and Michael's lists a store in SF (where the OP is from).
      • Gotcha. Shoulda checked the link.

        I just know the one Michaels near me (in Emeryville) is crap, and only caters to old retired women who do crafting. The place smells like wicker and geritol.

        Joann's is crap too. Sewing stores are usually better, including my favorite, Discount Fabrics. There's a DF in SF, as well as in Berkeley.
        • I gotta almost agree with you about Joann's. The one in Pasadena is crap, but the one in Santa Monica was marginally better. The Michael's in Santa Monica was great, though and the one in Pasadena is crap
          • Hit or miss with some of those chain stores.

            But lucky you, you have the fabric district in LA. I can only fantasize about traveling there one day, to bask in it's glory... (No interest in seeing anything else in LA, just the fabric district.)
        • Unsu...
          yeah the one in emeryville didn't know wtf i was talking about so i have to go to a fabric store...however i bent the crap out of my button in frustration and got some more use oout of it for now. but i'll pickup the fixer tools anyway, i can think of some fun projects they would be useful for.
          • Jo-Ann's in Emeryville will also have it. But they won't be able to help you find it (it's in the corner on the wall by the thread & notions).

            But even better, go to Discount Fabrics in Berkeley (San Pablo @ Ashby). Tell them you want western snaps, and they will point you right to them (they hang on the wall behind the cutting tables.)

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