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topic posted Mon, January 15, 2007 - 9:27 AM by  lori
I have a Mr. Heater propane heater that I'm using. I'm on my second heater and it's no longer working. They seem to work fine for about three weeks, then stop lighting. I need a small indoor heater (no electricity), any recommendations? Has anyone had similar problems with indoor propane heaters?
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  • Are you in a higher elavation ? 3000 ft. + and the O2 senser can be very touchy. At 6000 ft mine was useless
    3 weeks ? that sucker is on the way back to the store !
    • No, I'm between 2000 and 3000 here. I think it was the O2 sensor. I put it outside for awhile and now it's working again. Pretty annoying to be honest. I'm going to give it another day or two. Do you have the same brand? The problem is, I don't know what to replace it with.
      • Maybe the problem is that you're useing it in too small a space, or that It is'nt getting enuf O2. That is always a problem with unvented gas heaters. You have to alow enuf air in to run them, and you. So it can offset the heat with the incoming cold air. A vented heater does'n thave this problem, no O2 senser. but you still need enuf O2 for you, and your flame.
        • Well, maybe, but if so it's very inconsistent. I have a vent open all the time, so why would it suddenly refuse to work? It's almost as if once the sensor is tripped, it has difficulty resetting properly. But hey, if all I have to do is set is outside for an hour or two, I can live with that. Does anyone know how these O2 sensors work?
  • OK, the heater's been working fine since the last glitch. I ran out of propane yesterday and refilled it. When I got home and hooked it up--same exact problem as last time.

    Now, I'm thinking it has something to do with pressure. Those of you who have similar heaters, have you had similar problems?
    • we've been borrowing the same heater ( to see if we like it enough to buy) for the last couple of weeks it seems to work well accept for turning off mysteriously sometimes. I guess that is the O2 sensor

      good luck
      • I would recommend trying something else. There's nothing worse than a freezing night and a heater that mysteriously stops working. I'm pretty unhappy with this one and am going to start looking around for something else myself.
  • Well, I thought I'd share the end of the story (or at least what I hope is the end of the story). We tested the heater with a small canister and it worked fine. we then tested it with the canister and the filter, also fine. So (fingers crossed) we decided the problem must be with the hose. I had to go to a different store for the hose and it turned out the first store had sold me the wrong hose. The correct hose had a small filter on the end. So, with the right hose it seems to be working fine...I'll have to wait and see what happens in three weeks.

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