How do I get ticks out of my yard?!!

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The ticks in my yard are so bad this year!!! Just walking through the grass in my back yard (my grass is kept short) you'll have about 10 or so on your pant legs! Its so bad I try to avoid going out there. I dont want to use poision due to the fact that I live by a small stream and dont want to kill everything in it. I heard chickens will eat ticks....has anyone ever tried this before- if so how did it work out for you?
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  • Holy crap, already? In the ATL? Lordy, that doesn't bode well for the rest of us.
    Chickens are fun but bring a whole other set of maintenance and annoyance issues with them.

    I work outside all summer long and I have good luck just wearing rubber boots, like black rubber work boots that come up to the knee. Tuck your pants in, spray a bit of DEET (if you like) and you're good to go. It may not eliminate ticks 100% but it seems pretty effective.
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    I would use Pyrythins. They are fairly safe for mammals operating on the Sodium ion exchange in insect synapses.

    Get a pint or less of concentrate put it in a gall sprayer (or bigger depending on your yard) and go spray the grass.

    I'd stay up wind of the spray and use a fine mist not trying to get into the soil for fear of harming the worms.
    If you want you can not cut the grass for a while to make it longer and force the ticks to ride higher where you can more effectively stay away from the roots and soil.

    Pyrithins break down in about 10 - 12 days into harmless constituents.

    Then I'd wonder how they got there. For the most part ticks ride in on mice and deer.

    If it's mice: Take some cotton and cardboard tubes (cut up paper towel tubes and toilet paper tubes) and put the pyithrin solution on the cotton and insert it into the tubes. Leave the tubes around - ugly but effective. The mice will use the cotton to line their burrows and the parasites in their fur will be killed and your Karma will rise 'cause the mice will be healthier.

    If it's the deer put a salt lick in your neighbor's yard.

    • Has anyone heard of using waxmyrtle to keep fleas and ticks from the yard ? . Back when I was a kid ( and I am an old dog now ) we used to wipe turpentine on our boots and socks and that kept them from crawling up our legs . They , however , will fall on you or climb aboard from trees and bushes .
    • Deer and mice... and birds, dogs, cats, reptiles, livestock, people, etc., etc. Getting rid of the host species is often not really an option.

      Honestly, I've never heard of anyone spraying their yard for ticks- not saying it wouldn't work. The conventional wisdom has been to just protect yourself with repellents and clothing, and check yourself for hitchhikers after you've been outside. Keeping grass short, and avoiding any naked-running-through-the-brush will help.
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        **************Honestly, I've never heard of anyone spraying their yard for ticks- not saying it wouldn't work. **********

        It works fabulously well~!!

        *********The conventional wisdom*********

        Is often wrong.

        ***********has been to just protect yourself with repellents and clothing, and check yourself for hitchhikers after you've been outside. ******

        Great approach when hiking or in a place you are not able to manage. Not so great for a location where you reign supreme.

        **********Keeping grass short, and avoiding any naked-running-through-the-brush will help.*****************

        But I like to run about naked. It scares the hell outta the neighbor children. You should hear 'em scream~!! What fun~!! And long grass makes it easier to sneak up on 'em.

        I have, and it works quite well. I have 6 acres with woods a pond and a stream. It's really quite easy and it works very well. When I moves to this site about 20 years ago I had ticks and fleas everywhere. My property is up against other properties of similar completion so the deer and hedge hogs and bears are free to roam at their leisure. Ya gotta elbow the deer outta theway to park your car.

        I got myself a back-pack sprayer and sprayed and cotton ball treated the whole estate once every few years for a few years running.

        Now the ticks and fleas are gone. Haven't picked one up in the last 12 or so years.
        They will return and when they do I'll just do it again.
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  • guinea hens
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      ***********guinea hens*************
      And they are good eating too. How would you keep 'em in the yard?
      • you train them. they won't wander too far from their home.
        • Guinea hens also make a great alarm system. They will loudly announce any invader: mailmen, dogs, cats, burglers, your kids, your husband, you, etc.
          • the reason they roam is they are that effective at getting rid of insects snakes rats, lizaeds and mice if it moves and it's small enough to fit in the beak they'll eat it. chickens eat about 80 percent grain 20 percent other guinea eat about 85 percent other and 15 percent grains . they roost in trees and make a lot of noise if they are awaken in the night your neghbors will hate you especialy if there are dogs in the area every dog bark get a call. if you live out i the country though you need them.
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              Piss the neighbors off?? I gotta look into this.
              • The folks on a neighboring farm here have guineas and peafowl both. The sound is tolerable and not too bad here, but we are a good quarter mile away. They cut loose at all hours, and i can't hardly imagine how they stand it up close. I'm thinking pyrethrin is a better idea in most circumstances. But yeah Cliff, if you are looking for a way to jerk your neighbor's chain, i suggest keeping guineas and peafowl as close to his place and as far from yours as your property allows......not that the guineas would stay there. They got a tiny little mind of their own.
                • yeah guinea's have the cant stay in one place gene... they essentially roam the neighborhood and can be loud when they cry out.
                  Geese make effective guard birds as well but are extremely obnoxious. My son lives half the time with his mom who owns a farm
                  and they keep the ticks and such down with chickens, geese, turkeys and guinnies.

                  To keep the snakes at bay they have pigs and a peacock.

                  Be careful with the ticks.. as a survivor of lymes disease its not a good thing to let one of the deer ticks bite ya.. your in for a long period
                  of feeling icky and taking antibiotics if you do.

                  Spraying pyrethrins (sp?) will do the job but as cliff says it breaks down fast in sunlight. Better to use the live option if you can of chickens and guinees as they will get rid of them perminately. Do you have alot of brush, trees and bushes?

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                    my first thought, which hasnt been addressed yet is the following:

                    what about the neighboring yards? you can make a half decent attempt at clearing your yard of ticks, but they will easily move about, including from your neighbor's yard.

                    solutions for your problem should include some form of effort in surrounding areas. good luck.
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                    I'm sorry to be nit-picky (tick-picky?)...

                    the disease that you had is not called Lyme's disease (or lymes disease)... it is Lyme disease. glad to hear you've recovered.
            • They are very effective and dealing with ticks, and with a bit of training, mainly getting them used to staying in a coop by putting out fresh grains for them. But after a while they will pick a main tree and roost there. On my ten acres we had for a while about 30 of them and they patroled our place and most of our neighbours, too. The neighbours were perfectly happy to have the tick patrol come through their yards.

              Muscovy ducks are also very effective on ticks, and they don't make any noise. But they are very messy.

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