Scratch on expensive pair of sunglasses lens

topic posted Sun, October 25, 2009 - 1:49 PM by  Azeeza
Yesterday I scratched the lens on my expensive sunglasses while hugging a friend.

Does anyone have a remedy for repairing the scratch? It feels a little deep because I can run my fingernail across it and it catches in the scratch.

I recall seeing some eyeglass lens repair kit on television, but I don't know if they would work. The lens on my sunglasses are plastic and I paid over $125.00 for them and I'm totally heartbroken.

Any suggestions?

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  • That must have been one hell of a hug !
    The lens is probably Polycarbonate, it can be sanded with VERY fine wet paper, then buffed with a power buffer and compound, buttttt ........they are probably coated, rather than a solid colored plastic. So, no go.
    Go to Zenni optical web site, I get my script glasses there for next to nothing, 100's of styles, starting at $10.00. you can build your own glasses, sun or not. Including colors, 10 -50- 80 % tint, all regular high grade optical frames, and lenses. I got Titanium frames, heavy prescription, 10% tint, for $45.00 total !
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    If they aren't glass, I'd use Novus. It comes in 3 strengths, I use it on my pinball machines to remove fine scratches from the plastics. I'd buy Novus 1 and 2, start with Novus 2 rubbing it with a soft cloth, finish off with Novus 1.
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    If they are Maui Jim you may be able to send 'em back. they used to have a life time guarantee . My wife sent her's back four times and were replaced free.

    If they are not guaranteed you can prolly still send 'em back for repair. Might cost you a few bucks.

    As for abrasives: The lens on most good glasses have anti glare and polarization treatments which are surface coatings. Any polishing will strip that away.
    • maui jim

      (fyi: about Maui Jim's repairs -- you can mail them to Peoria or take them in person to Maui, but scratched lenses cost $65 to replace. they will fix other problems for free like broken nose-pieces, missing screws, etc, but no longer replace damaged lenses for free as they used to do)
  • Thank you so much for the advice.

    I'll check into taking them in for a new lens or try the novus? I've never heard of the product before, but I'm intrigued.

    I was at the fabric store and my friend had something like the edge of a tape measure around her neck and the edge gouged the lens.

    I should never have worn them around my neck and I should ALWAYS put them in their case when I take them off. I learned an expensive lesson there.

    Thanks again,

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      I left a pair of Ray Ban Aviators with ear wrap cables on a restaurant table. The wait staff snagged 'em.
      The manager showed no interest in helping me recover them. Which struck me as odd because before that event, I'd spend upwards to $2-Grand a year in that establishment.
      - - - Not any more. - - -

      Ray ban stopped making those glasses producing only some cheezy smaller size that might fit a 12 year old girl.
      So I stopped doing business with them too, and now I get my sun glasses from Randolph Engineering.

      • With most frames and even lens blanks being made in China anymore, the biggest cost of a pair, tinted or clear, is the benchwork here in USA. Zenni Optical tkes your online order where you choose among thousands of designs and enter your prescription. Zenni then has the glasses made up in China by Chinese lab techs to a high standard. Then your order is shipped to you. It takes a little longer, OK. The style selection, quality, and especially price are amazing for a pair of replacement goggles.
        I don't mean to be unloyal, but Zenni Optical kicks butt.

        Compared to repair time/costs, simply ordering a new pair now becomes a realistic practical option.
  • Sigh, I just sent them off to the manufacturer, Coach, today.

    I looked six months to a year for a good pair and I found ONE that I liked that looked good on me. The ship and handling for them was $20.00 and that's not from me sending it priority mail and having insurance on them either. That was the cost for them to send them back to me.

    I'm afraid they won't be able to repair them because they may be last season's model. They aren't prescription either. I thought that was the best thing to do considering they were expensive and designer brand.

    Thanks for the suggestion,

  • if you don't want to do it take the to a jeweler they can polish the scratch out
    if you plan to diy to to a electronic shop the carries fiber optic supplies the sanding paper for it is fine enough to polish out the scratches
    I used it on watch faces with good out come
    good luck
    • Doc
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      Best DIY for glass: Polish with toothpaste........
      Its the best DIY buffing paste available easily to anyone anywhere!
      ( this is NOT for sunglasses as any kind of polishing/ buffing will introduce aberrations that are bad for the eyes )

      Merry Christmas , all!
  • LOL, I can't win.

    Ever since I got them back, they've been pinching my nose. The person who replaced the lens tightened everything up and now the temple is so tight on one side it isn't even with the other side.

    I've been messing with it for a few months now.


  • Hi Azeeza,

    I've used The Sunglass Fix @ on several occassions. They make replacement lenses for all sunglsses and a new pair of sunglass lenses cost around $30 including shipping. I upgraded my Von Zippers to their premium polarised ( a bit more expensive but worth it) and my sunglasses were back to new. Sometimes you can contact the manufacturers and they may be able to sort you out but it usually is not worth the hassles. I sent a pair of Ray Ban's to Italy and they had them for a few months and couldn't replace them.
    Hope this Helps, Craig

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