All this talk of ruined concrete...

topic posted Tue, June 19, 2007 - 8:08 AM by  TR
I have my own dilemma with quik setting concrete. I have 100 bags of quik concrete that are hard as rock, some of them have powder in the middle, like a cadbury egg, some are solid all the way through. My porject was to use a pattern to create pavers for a walkway, we got several of them done before we had 3 straight days of rain. I covered them but it didnt work, obviously.
Now that I have 100 rocks shaped like bags of concrete, what are somethings I can do to still make them useable?
Some thoughts I had:
-Just use them as pavers, rounded tops, surround with sand- could work
-Smash them up with a hammer and use them as base for purchased pavers
-Rent a wet saw and cut them into useable shapes.
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    Re: All this talk of ruined concrete...

    Tue, June 19, 2007 - 8:47 AM
    If it's cement and not premix you have a problem. Cement makes lousy concrete without the right proportions of aggregate.

    If there are bags that are sort of kind of OK knock away the hard shell and use the soft innards.

    Otherwise toss 'em. They are dead.

    If they are pre-mix you can soak 'em good and use 'em as stacking blocks or pavers or whatever cause you'll have concrete.

    If the cement in the bags are only sort of hard so they will crumble in your hand and all you are doing is making pavers then crack it up and use it like you planned. Don't use it for serious structure tho.

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