Mosquito netting curtains for Porch, Patio, Gazebo?

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Has anyone used this product or done a similar thing on their own?:

I love how they have used it for many applications. I had thought of using the IKEA Lill curtains, which are very inexpensive.

I have used Lill inside the home, and they snag/tear easily. Especially since cats seem to find them immensely attractive to attack.

So if/when I have my own home, I would love to have the screened in area, but I like the option of being able to remove them and wash them, as shown with the Mosquito Curtains. And as I could do with the Lill Curtains, but I wonder how easily shredded the Mosquito Curtains are?

Anyone know?

And are there other alternatives to those two things?

I also want to make the suggestion of the Mosquito Curtains to the apartment complex here. They will put up a mesh to keep out birds. I like the birds visit. But it would be nice to have a curtain-like item to help block sun when it's too hot (rarely). To block bugs, without having to have that nasty screen door. I hate the screen door and screen on the window.

Ideas? Anything you folks used before?
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  • $ 11.00 a linier foot ? seams a bit much for screen , and some velcro. I've made my own out of those cheap Big lots , Family dollar, $30 screened in shade gazibos, and gotten an odd shaped tarp , and good alum. gardening stakes thrown in.
    Hardly a new technolagy, it's been done this way for centuries.
    This is DIY, we're cheap....... I mean "financaily wise".
    • getting some cheap sheers from the thrift shop, staple them to a 1x1or velcro if you want to be able to wash them, use a finishing nails to set them in place
      I've done this, cost me under 10 bucks to do a 20 x 8 balcony
      took it down in winter lasted me 5 years
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    You have mosquitoes in San Fran?

    I live in Rural New Jersey ( have water on my property too) and I never get any biting insects.
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      I live by a lake. We have those "tornado columns" of mosquitoes sometimes. I am rarely bitten, I think because I smell like cloves. But they have joined me on my walk, a little cloud of mosquitoes tagging along, drafting me.

      I am more into the aesthetics of the look of the curtains, as opposed to butt-ugly screens. The curtains look like "home lingerie" to me. I like the appearance. I have sheer curtains on my glass door, and prefer that to solid window dressing. It would look like that for the balcony, or for a screened in room.

      My concern is that I would like it to be animal proof. I don't think that is possible. Curtains or screens can be shredded by cats. And birds can get hung up in either.

      I like the idea of being able to wash them in a washer. And to take them down or put them up or change them.

      I'm thinking that for my future, I could probably go with the KVARTAL panel system at IKEA with whatever I wanted, including regular screen. I wouldn't be able to wash it easily, but it could be replaced, piece by piece. Still doesn't make it animal-proof though, as in keeping animals in/out.

      I suppose it's not very practical. Just pretty. I like pretty.

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