Coffee grounds and blue berry bushes ?

topic posted Sun, April 17, 2011 - 5:22 PM by  russ
can anyone here support the use of spent coffee grounds in the soil of blue berry bushes ?
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I am keeping with my spring theme of WFMW’s and this week is a hot tip for those with blueberry bushes.

Blueberry bushes are acid loving plants and most soils (unless you have properly amended yours) do not have enough acidity in them

An easy way to help your blueberries grow and be very fruitfull is coffee grounds. Blueberry bushes love coffee grounds! Just take a cupful of coffee grounds, and it can be the ones you have already used in your coffee pot, and spread it around the drip line of your bush.

!Jargon alert!- a drip line is the ground area underneath the branches of a plant. Feeder roots are spread all throughout that area.

You can gently work the coffee grounds in the soil or just mulch over the top of them and water in. The acidity will leach down and the bush will soak it up.

I hope this tip helps somebody out there in bloggyland!

Have a blessed week and a great spring!

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