arctic entry door is icing up

topic posted Tue, November 29, 2005 - 12:01 PM by  Mary
We live in a cabin in Alaska and have an arctic entry. The problem is that our front door is icing up horribly. This morning we could barely get it open. The ice builds up along the bottom of the door, on the hinges and on the window.

Any ideas on how to fix this?
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    Re: arctic entry door is icing up

    Tue, November 29, 2005 - 2:43 PM
    Icing up? Sounds like a shitload more ice than you are going to get from mere inside humidity.

    I'm going to go way out on a limb here but I suspect that there's two culprits working together (the limb a'caus I's a thinkin dat da ice is ion the inside)::

    1.) Wind. The predominant wind has to be hitting that door from one angle or another.

    2.) poor weather seals.

    The ice crystals are being wind driven in through the cracks and thawing when they find inside heat. Then when the temprature drops the water refreezed while yet more is being driven in. Eventually the ice covers everything.

    1.) replace the weather seals.

    2.) build a wall of some sort to act as a wind break. Make it a few feet higher than the door and a few feet wider. about 5 feet from the door in the direction of the wind.

    --- or ---

    3.) move to Miami
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      Wed, November 30, 2005 - 9:35 AM Miami I could probably get rid of the outhouse and get a toilet.

      We're not in a very windy area, but the cabin is on the edge of a hill, so that might be part of the problem. The weather seals are, in fact, crap. The bottom one was new but already needs to be replaced because it's been ripped by the ice.

      Just to make the new cabin more fun, one of the double-pane windows in the bedroom has mysteriouly cracked. At this point, I don't even care to try to fix it until spring.
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        Re: arctic entry door is icing up

        Wed, November 30, 2005 - 10:52 AM
        Te busted wiindow isn't likely much of a mystery.

        Lets see.
        Is your refregerator an insulated wood bunker under the building??

        If the building not on a 20 foot deep foundation?

        I'll bet a dollar that the building shifted a bit with the earth movement and that's why the glass cracked. It'll likel move some more. When you replace it build the window on a shear plate or use silicone glue as a primitive shear plate.

        Yipper Skipper the life o Riely that's what they promised me.
        Then I had to go fishing during the bear rut.

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