Help me keep my neighbor's dog off my front lawn.....please!

topic posted Fri, March 30, 2007 - 6:31 AM by  AmirahRaqs
My neighbor lets her dog out twice a day to do his thing, but he always runs straight to my lawn and likes to water my flowers if you know what I mean or fertilize my grass. I've tried to sprinkle pepper around the perimeter and that doesn't seem to work. Fencing would not look good in the front areas of my home. I would like to stick with something that's not harmful to the environment or the
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    Call the neighbor and if that's no help call the town.
    If that's no help send her a letter she;ll pay attention to cause it'll be a Summons and Complaint on the tort of trespass and damage to foliage.
    Demand a shit load of money. She may call you up and offer to control her mutt. Which in the end is all you want anyway so you'll take the offer.

    I had place in Woburn many many years back with a nice little front yard that some god dammed mutt would shit in almost every single day. I'd step in it while mowing etc. I had no clue who owned this animal but whoever it was they were assholes from hell. The town didn't give a shit, and I hadn't the $$ to get litigious.

    I got myself some nice heavy rocks the size of baseballs. Then I waited for the miserable shitter - who was punctual. When he got in position and began his squeeze I stepped out and heaved a rock as hard as I could - which was damn hard indeed. I got it square in the rib cage, knocked it off it's feet, and spewing shit the miserable thing ran off and never came back.

    Sometimes you simply have to take matters into your own hands.

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      yelling or another loud noise would most likely have the same end result as hurting the dog.... (and of course they could potentially sue you for Fido's vet bill)
      Dogs like to go somewhere that isn't their home. It's not the dogs fault their owner is a lazy ass.

      AND if the neighbor heard you scaring off then maybe even following/chasing the dog to it's house???
      They might be quick to respond.
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        ******Dogs like to go somewhere that isn't their home. It's not the dogs fault their owner is a lazy ass.*********
        It's not mine either.

        *************AND if the neighbor heard you scaring off then maybe even following/chasing the dog to it's house???
        They might be quick to respond.*********

        You hang around too many nice people.
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          <<<You hang around too many nice people.>>>>

          you have no idea who I hang around...... tuff guy

          I do believe that animals are superior to man.
          the world was WAY better off when there were more of them and less of us.
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            ***************I do believe that animals are superior to man.***********

            Umm OK - - - - steps away

            -********-the world was WAY better off when there were more of them and less of us.*****************

            I rather think that this is subject to personal opinion.
            I, however, see my species as the top predator in a perfectly natural order.
            Eventually something will knock us of the pile. It'll probably be a virus. I see human kind as an entirely natural entity on planet earth and every single thing we do is part of the natural consequences of a living dynamic planet.

            I might feel differently if Humans came from some other dimension and a galaxy far away. But, then again, I might simply need to enlarge my thinking to include all dimensions and galaxies in one great cosmic existence.
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    guess i didn't get the point about how thats harming you or your property.
    • Well, for one, the dog gets released from his owners leash and runs straight over to my lawn, lifts his leg and pees directly on my flowers which made my flowers die early. We've also found dog poop in different areas of the grass around the house that we sometimes step in. The owners usually would just open their front door and let the dog run out, then the owner would go back in her house.
      • Have you tried talking to her? It's tough to bring it up, but she keeps doing it because it's easy. If you confront her, even in a low-key way, it might be enough to make her stop. However, some people just don't care and will see you as fussy and critical.

        So, you go to Plan B. The scarecrows Steve mentions are great and work for cats, dogs, rabbits, deer, etc. They also work on people, so you might want to keep them off when the dog usually isn't out.

        If your neighbor lets the dog out for long periods of time, then take the dog to the SPCA. Your neighbor will have to take the time to pick up the dog, possibly pay for boarding and explain why the dog was out. Maybe taking the dog out for a real walk will become the more convenient option.
  • I like the yelling at the dog idea. But my parents did that to a dog on their country road that chased cars. Said dog eventually met his end due to a car.......................The yelling seems to effect the owner more than the dog.
    Other than that, talk to the owners.
    Then try picking up the poop and moving it to the dog's yard (or, you know, throw it on their house.:)). At least then the dog's person will understand your "pain".
    Catch th dog doing it and run out and growl at the dog. If you can put out a strong/calm persona to the dog, you can establish domience, and maybe he'll move on.
  • If you are at home when this is happening, and happen to be outside watering... why not turn the hose on the dog? Same idea as using a spray bottle to 'train' your pet, minimal damage to the dog... (and s/he might need a bath anyway...) and it might get the idea after a time or two...
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      Scoop, put in a transparent bag, add a little yellow water in it, zip tie the bag.
      Knock at your neighbohr's door (or leave in her mailbox with a note) and say with the nicest voice: Hi, your dog forgot this in my backyard.
      Don't forget to shake her hand or casually touch as many things you can in her house.
      Repeat every day until it stops.
      The problem is not training the dog, but the neighbor.
      • i came to post about using the garden hose, too! :D

        i actually like both of these ideas, though -- the garden hose, and taking the droppings to the human responsible. in the end, though -- since i positively SUCK at confrontation -- i'd vote for the garden hose. in the long run, you're training the human a bit too. 'cause, then their dog might actually poop in his OWN yard, and the human would have to clean it up!

        my yard (a corner lot) seems to have become the neighborhood kitty hangout. i've got nature's version of litter boxes in a few different spots in my yard. i've chased several cats off who were "getting it on" in my flower bed. and, whenever i see one walking through my carport, i go outside and chase it off. my next step, though, is to lay in wait for them, and pound them with the garden hose! mainly because i'm too cheap to buy those movement-sensor sprinklers. :(

        on a side note, i got a piece of advice from a neighbor: if you have problems with cats in your yard, simply schedule your lawn sprinklers (if you have and use them) to water the lawn at night. that's when cats tend to do their stuff in others' yards. and, if you've got cats peeing on your car tires, simply spray the tires with a vinegar/water solution. cats HATE vinegar! ;-)
  • The only way you're going to get the dog to stop wetting your flowers is to scare the bejeezus out of him. Here's how:

    Get a rocket slingshot
    Learn how to use it (aka practice a lot)
    After you've become a pro with the rocket slingshot, wait for the dog to appear
    When he starts to do his thang on your lawn, grab some frozen peas from the freezer
    Then take aim at him, using the peas as your shot

    Not only will peas sting him and not cause him any great harm, but they will easily become one with your lawn.

    So shoot the fucking dog enough times with as many frozen peas as necessary. Eventually the dog will learn to associate your lawn with pain and will look to piss in a safer place.

    • Frankly, I think shooting the owner with the peas might be more effective... Definately confront the owner with the nuisance and if they are not apologetic and stop... Bring the nuisance back to them with the steps above like leaving the evidence on their doorstep a few times and maybe talk to your local Animal control. I don't know about where you are, but if the dog is not leashed, the owners are responsible for any and all damages caused by the dog.

      Good luck and don't hurt the dog, it's the owner that needs the pain...
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    I have the EXACT same problem. The best solution I have come up with (in the summer) is to turn on the sprinklers as soon as the dog is in the middle of the yard so she gets a good dousing. This will usually deter her for a few days. The problem is I don't always know when she is let out or I may not be home when they let her out. I already clean up after my own dogs and don't want to clean up after someone elses. One summer I was brave enough to use my little shovel to scoop the poop and put it on the neighbor's side of the property line.
    • my dad used to use a pellet gun for the neighborhood cats.
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        "my dad used to use a pellet gun for the neighborhood cats."

        WTF?! are you suggesting that she kill or maime the neighbor's dog? Your dad sounds like a real winner.
        • Jae, deep breath.

          The pellets were non-tipped with a handheld pellet gun. Key words: Low power. Sting, not kill. Much like the frozen pea idea.

          And I'm glad you feel safer jumping over me as opposed to Cliff when he suggested chucking rocks that could break a rib and cause internal brusing and bleeding.

          But unlike you I allow people their opinion and don't jump into their ifestyles and start making judgements. Now if we were in middle school this would mean you think I'm cute. Thanks for the childish reminder.

          Next time, get all the facts prior to you shooting your mouth off. Because that's allegedly what adults do. Adults allegedly communicate with reason and respect. Not point fingers and tell some how f$# 'd up their relatives are. I'm sorry your parents neglected to teach you how adults should act. Your parents sound like real winners.
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            "And I'm glad you feel safer jumping over me as opposed to Cliff when he suggested chucking rocks that could break a rib and cause internal brusing and bleeding. "

            Two wrongs don't make a right, and I learned that in grade school. As for non-tipped and handheld, you did not specify that. I still think using any pellet gun on animals is cruel and unusual punishment, especially when he's just doing his business. The owner should take him on walks and is at fault for letting his/her dog roam free to go in the neighbor's yard.

            To the original poster: You should just print out this thread and mail it to the neighbor. That would definitely send the message.
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          ********WTF?! are you suggesting that she kill or maime the neighbor's dog? Your dad sounds like a real winner. ***********

          Indeed he had the right idea. Other peoples animals need to be dealt with directly when they become pests.
          • "Indeed he had the right idea. Other peoples animals need to be dealt with directly when they become pests. "

            Cliff, You suggest that leaving a burning bag of poop may result in an arson charge, but don't seem to understand that shooting other peoples animals will almost certainly result in an animal cruelty charge.

            You were almost right: Other people need to be dealt with directly when their animals become pests.
  • It's not the dog's fault; it's the owner's. I'd scoop the shit up and throw it at the owner's house, as close as possible to the porch and/or any route in her yard she has to walk. The dog will be more likely to start shitting in his own yard (because he'll smell his own scent and think he's now "in the right place"), and the owner will eventually get the idea--- IF she has to step in enough shit. I also like the idea of "delivering" it in the plastic bag, with yellow liquid added, but that necessitates more confrontation than you probably want or need in your life. Just toss it back into her yard, ideally *not* in an inconspicuous out-of-the-way spot, every single day, till the problem stops.
  • you could distract it with one of these...
    • i had a similar problem...i phoned and lodged an e-complaint with my local municipal animal control dept. they sent out a notice of complaint to my neighbors and the unleashed poodle has not been seen since in my yard...

      in my city, a property owner can trap and hold cats or dogs on their property if they are being a nuisance (i.e., pooping, peeing, digging) until animal control comes to pick them up then animal control will contact the animal's owner to have the animal retrieved. the neighbor faces significant fines for unlicensed animals, unleashed animals, unattended animals, ignoring any poop-scoop laws, etc...

      this is not your problem. you should not have to deal with this. and your neighbor is financially responsible to replace any plants his/her pet destroys. document any and all problems you have had and have the local authorities deal with it. you most likely pay taxes which support these types of agencies. that is what animal control is for.

      i did for a whole warm season endure my neighbor's dog using my lawn as her personal toilet--and i did lob the poop onto her walkway--which did nothing. so, though it may feel vindicating to leave it on the neighbors property, it did nothing to solve the problem i was having.

      may you have a speedy resolution!
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      Super soaker, great idea. I can't believe nobody commented on the "hot doll". Not only would that distract the dog, but probably any person within sight. Who invented this idiotic device?! Instead of having a dog use it, why not train the dog to not do it at all. Still, very funny. If it were me teaching my pet to crap elsewhere, I dont like picking up poop either, I may freak out to see that my neighbor has included a leisurely activity such as a hot doll. You clean up the poop anyway, put a collar on him and give him a new name, teach him to crap on their front porch.
      • I haven't read through all of these posts yet (nor do i intend to) but i see two strategies. Repay the dog and repay the owner. The dog doesn't know it's doing anything bad, and perhaps the owner doesn't either. Your first step should be talking to the owner. How do I know? Because i've done it the wrong way many times and my neighbors have done it the wrong way many times. If you approach your neighbor in a nice neighborly way and let them know about the problem, there's a good chance they'll remedy it. If you call the city first, you'll make them mad and they'll probably try to find some way to get back at you. Probably by figuring out something about you to call the city for. Maybe you'll end up being friends with your neighbor instead of enemies. I know i could dig that!
  • Syracuse Dog Control 473-6608. Dog Control will respond to calls pertaining to leash law violations, barking dogs and sick and/or injured cats and dogs.
    • this has been so helpful to read, as i just bought a house that seems to be the neighborhoods toilet... piles of shit in the backyard.... all this info will definitely help... and its been a laugh to read!
      • here's what I've done in the past:

        Get the neighbor's telephone number from the dog'd tag.

        Call the owner and leave this message:

        "Hi, I'm your neighbor __________. Your dog nas been habitually peeing and crapping on my property. Obviously this is beacause you let him out without his leash. The next time I find him on my property, I will take him to the dog pound myself, without notifying you. Thank you."

        You can also write this in a letter if you prefe, and leave it on their door.

        Both times I did this, the problem stopped immediately. (Phone messages.)

        Good luck.
  • I had two ignorant neighbors who let their dogs use my yard as a dog park and dumping ground. I finally retrained one neighbor by hosing their mutt down as it was taking a dump next to my picnic table. The other one has an "I was here first complex" and thinks that since they let their dogs run on the property when the former owner lived in my house that we are obligated to also. I am so tired of running over poop with my lawn mower in my front, side and back yard I could scream, my husband seem to think that if we say something we will become the bad neighbors. My first thought was a 50 cal machine gun mounted my roof but that may be a little extreme, so I had read some info on a product called " Liquid Fence". Has anyone out there used it and is it worth the cost? I have over an acrea to protect from 3 ill-trained, unsocialized mutts so if anyone could give me some input I would greatly appreciate it.
    • If the hose is handy, I use that. If not, I throw rocks.

      No matter which solution I choose, I also yell at the top of my lungs, "whose damn dog is this crapping in my yard? Is this your dog? 'Cause it needs to get out of my yard!" So not only do the offending neighbors hear me, but all the other neighbors stop to look out their windows to check out the mutt and embarass the owner.
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      I had a neighborer about that troubling. His dogs ( 3 of 'em) set up a massive bad caterwauling the instant he left for work at 5:00 am. - - and they didn't stop they could go for three or so hours just feeding off each other.

      I called the town. The right thing to do but given the massive weakness of the code enforcement guy it was not the right thing. He was afraid to confront the neighbor alone and insisted on my presence. I balked and he wanted to go home. Little Fukkin girl that he was.

      Soooo I went with him. That tore it~!! Now that moron neighbor thinks I'm the one who called the town when y he was doing his septic system sans permit. ( he parked a 7 ton backhoe in his yard for two weeks DUH) and thinks I'm the one who reported him when he was making a new addition that exceeded the town height and size limits by 30 feet one direction and 15 in another.

      All said and done it matters not one whit. At first I thought it mattered. Then after a while I came to enjoy his consternation and I am perfectly happy never having to speak with the idiot ever again.

      So not only do good fences make good neighbors but sometimes a negative turn can do the same.

      Call the town.
  • Interesting quandry.

    Most cities have leash laws which require dogs to be on a 6ft leash at all times.What you are reallytalking about is property damage and if you have alreayd made the motions to talk to your neighbor about keeping his/her dog under control,I would file a complaint.

    In the meantime,Use a whistle or soemthing to scare the dog off or put up a temporary wire fence.Chances are if he's doing it other dogs ae coming along,sensing his "essence" and doing it too.
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    my paw done learnt me how ta blast a varmit in the butt with rocksalt from a 12 guage...
    yee haw we done learnt them critters good ta keep from shittin in the yard.

    I was once told, as house-training advise, "mash it's nose in it real good, then take a belt
    and beat it within an inch of it's life, and it will never shit inside the house again."

    and I've also heard, from the very same person, that the world is going to hell in a handbasket
    because the dirty tree-huggers took away the right of americans to do the very same thing to their children.


    I bet yours is not the only yard getting "fertilized". maybe a letter signed my multiple neighbors would get more attention.
    either way, I would start off as mildly as possible and get more serious if the problem persists.

    good luck.

  • this has worked

    Cayenne peper throw it down around the area and any where else the animale has come into contect with. Put it arount the property line.

    remember animals knows where they have been hurt. put over urine spot . the dog or cat will sniff spot and it will hurt, but they will not come back. Pads on feet for cat nose for dogs. remember dor will rub its' butt on injured area and a cat does not forget where it was hurt

    To all bleeding harts I am a animal lover for my own animals not someones who decides to walk or let theit animal out onto my new lawn or property. remember cayenne is natural.

    did this for rabbit, cat and dog no return.
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    ******Help me keep my neighbor's dog off my front lawn.....please!*********

    But it's (a) not your dog; and (b) not your responsibility.

    ***********My neighbor lets her dog out twice a day to do his thing, but he always runs straight to my lawn and likes to water my flowers if you know what I mean or fertilize my grass.***************

    First thing to do is try to have a dialog with the neighbor.
    When that fails you need to up the ante
    Go to small claims court.
    No you don't need a lawyer.
    I'd suggest using one and going to superior court 'cause it'll cost her anywhere form 5 to 10 Grand to hire counsel and defend. So Even if you lose, she will have paid an enormous price and you can always sue her again for the same thing.

    ************I've tried to sprinkle pepper around the perimeter and that doesn't seem to work.************

    Animals are not like people. They don't respond to things like pepper the way you do.
    Besides what were you hoping for? To offend the dog such that it'd no longer be staking an ownership claim to your yard?

    **********Fencing would not look good in the front areas of my home. I would like to stick with something that's not harmful to the environment or the *********

    OK fine I say start by looking at the duties owed at law.
    If I light a fire and a little smoke blows across your yard --( for example I love Kielbassa or some god awfull stinky pork product and you are Vegan so the odors of roasting animals offends you)-- Lets just say that every weekend I ruin your time on your back deck with the wafting of my stinky dead animal odors.
    What duty did I owe you or you to me?
    In that case the courts are agreed: None. Wafting of a little smoke or cooking odors won't get you any love at law.

    Or what If I throw a rock a stick or a ball into your yard?
    The duty owed is to NOT Trespass.
    That's trespass.

    Or what If I release an animal that excretes a Haz Mat material onto your yard?
    Well the duyty was like above about trespass but there's more. I owed you a duty to NOT harm you or your property.
    Dumping a Haz Mat on your lawn is a crime in most states.
    Dog shit is a Haz Mat. It also kills the grass and plants from too much nitrogen.
    So the harms are multiplied.
    What do I owe you now that my dog shat all over you lawn?
    At law:
    You can go get a Haz Mat disposal team to pick it all up and then a Grass reseeding or Sod replacement company and a landscaper for your flowers. Pay them and then submit the bill to me.

    Yah, I gotta pay it. If I don't you can go to court with those bills and the claim for damages pain and suffering predicated to the misery of playing Dodge the Dog Shit in your own yard. Once you make your neighbor understand that there are consequences for things done, things will change.

    Anything else you do is going to be "self help" which is not looked well upon by the courts. So if she suddenly decides that you pepper or spray some how harms her dog and can make the credible argument that you meant it to then you are suddenly the criminal (Animal Cruelty) and she can call the police and then sue you in civil.
    So it always pays to go nuclear and sue first.

    But I'd first try the dialog thing.
    Never know maybe your neighbor is not an asshole.
    However if she is then sue her. You got nuthin' to lose and everything to gain.
    Oh video the animal a few times despoiling your yard. It always helps to have pictures

    • Well, I am at a loss. My neighbor likes dog but manages to pick out the most obnoxious ones available. For the last three years it's been a fight. And get this, he has them on a radio fence but he adjusts it to allow them to come some 15-20 feet intom my yard. So in this dog zone there is no longer any grass, the blackberry bushes I've nutrued for years have been killed by the near constant urination. There are dozens of holes and if I go to work in my Garden the dog walks up to the Garden fence and will bark non-stop until it's head falls off.

      The neighbor won't even answer the door any longer to talk. A few times he promisied to reduce the range on the fence to no avail. Two or three times he was guiltied into filling the holes, never replanting grass though.

      So how do you get through to this complete knuckle head. His latest dog he named "Booger" but I prefer my nickname 'Spawn from hell"

      We tried given him trreats so he is less confrontive including bones from the butcher. NO dice. We are now trying the liquid fence as a repleant and that seems doubleful as well. I put up a temporary garden fence along the property line but hte neighbor tore it out and threw it on the ground.

      No I know everyone says talk to the human but the problem here is that the dog behaves just like his human. Self centered, privledged and obnoxious.

      Any ideas welcome...
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        pellet gun.

        Don't have the barrel sticking out the window. Keep it within your house and fire out the window.

        Repeat until Booger gets the message.
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          pellet gun

          Sat, August 13, 2011 - 9:23 PM
          Pellet gun - is not a very good option.
          I've heard of several of these types of situations escalate - even to the point where someone dies.
          Also, the pellets work their way into the dog's blood stream; sometimes leading, after a lot of suffering, to death. Suspicious owners and vets will determine the cause of death and then someone will come knocking at your door.
          Its not the dog's fault.
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    Chain a Lion up in the yard.
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      There is this Asian couple that walks their dog onto my property to pee and poop. Burned the grass etc. They always do this at night. I have a surveillance system which picked up all this. They walked in the front yard, sides of house and back yard. Always between 12 midnight and 3am. First time I called and the woman answered and she was pretty hostile. She said her dog dragged her over to my property. I let this go on for a couple weeks before i asked her to stop. They stopped for a couple months and then it started up again. The second time I sent them a letter and it stopped for a couple months. Then it started up again. So I walked over to the guy while he was allowing it to poop on a neighbors yard (BTW dog was on a leash as it always is). I said hello to him and kindly asked him to stop walking his dog on my property. He looked me square in the eyes and said it wasn't him. I said it was him and I picked it up on my surveillance system. Then he started threatening me saying "you don't want to f___ with me I will f____ you" spewing one threat after another. I guess he feels he has a God given right to let his dog defficate all over my property. He's quite the thug. Don't know these people since they are uber-nasty. I don't appreciate being threatened. Any God fatherly advice?
      • depending on jurisdiction, armed defense of one's property against trespass is permitted.
        That means one has the right to move trespassers off one's property with use of firearms, after suitable warning. And if it looks like they are going for a gun or knife then you get to shoot them.

        Check local statutes before trying this. If gun use is forbidden in your municipality, then possibly a call to police can help make a difference

        Do what it takes to make your point. Nobody should have to accept getting shit on.
        • First and formost a gun will only make the situation worse. you're only entitled to use a firearm in self defense, in a situation where you fear for your life. Unless you are willing to use a firearm there is a possibility that it could be taken from you and used against you. At best you get prosecuted for threatening someone, worst case scenario you could be shot with your own weapon.
          Call animal control about the dogshit and the police about the threatening behaviour and don't approach the guy anymore, its that simple.
          • KC
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            I will find out what the laws are in my county. I will be getting a firearm and will learn how to use for self protection. If the low life thug threatens me again or they come on my property again with or without their dog I will be calling the police. I think they are pushing me to see how far I will go since they have done this repeatedly even though I have told them 3 times now to stay off my property. I really am surprised that they keep persisting on doing this.
            • id go for a nightly walk and piss all over their lawn
              eat lots of asparagus and drink lots and hold it all day
              or collect it in a bucket to dump in his yard
              another good alternative is to get friends with pets to save their doggy-doo for you
              and dump it in neighbors yard

              btw, since when is totally organic waste (aka doggydoo) harmful to grass or flowers?????
              any animal that takes a dump in my yard is thanked for the added nutrients it leaves
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        *******There is this Asian couple that walks their dog onto my property to pee and poop. Burned the grass etc. They always do this at night. I have a surveillance system which picked up all this. They walked in the front yard, sides of house and back yard. Always between 12 midnight and 3am. First time I called and the woman answered and she was pretty hostile***********

        This is what the law in every state allows:

        Pay a HAZ MAT team to come an clean it up. Pay the Bill.
        Hire a lawn service to replace the sod. Pay the bill
        Then send them the bills.
        They will refuse to pay.
        Then send them a letter they will know is from you because it looks exactly like a summons and complaint demanding payment, and "un-liquidated damages" for trespass, violation of the law by depositing a HAZ MAT on your property, and destruction of property.

        I suggest you use a lawyer. If they won't hire one, you can probably do it using a NOLO book in small claims. Don't forget to bring a "Form of Order" for the judge to sign that orders them to pay everything and leave a blank space for the damages which the court will determine.

        If you use an attorney he should be smart enough to demand a jury. This will back them into an ugly spot. Hiring a lawyer will cost them a fair sum and it won't do them any good in the end if you really do have it all on video.
        I'll cost you a bit but they will take a serious fucking. They will be ordered to pay the bill probably have some damages to pay which you can use to pay your legal bills and - - they will never - ever - trespass on your yard again.

        About the gun:

        I submit that unless you are (a) in Texas where you can kill to defend property and (b) in a county where the prosecutor won't try to imprison you anyway that you refrain from any display of firearms and especially any use of firearm.
        This because the law can be very hinkey.
        Take Maine for example. A state where it seems everybody van get a concealed carry permit in like 10 minutes.

        The law in ME also has a mandatory year in prison for any crime committed involving a gun - involving a gun no need to use it or even display it.
        The law in ME also included ( when I was there) in the definition of a gun that it could be "the impression the part of the victim that there was a firearm present and the victim's life was in danger. Yup the mere friggin impression.

        But wait it gets better:

        If you obeyed the law and got your gun legally it was registered and if you obeyed the law and got your carry permit then you will have already made the State's case that you had you gun on your person at any time and it'll be that time when some moron gets in a quarrel with you and runs to the cops complaining about a bump on you hip or under your arm.
        And the state's prima facia case that you indeed had the gun at the time is already complete.

        So now you are looking at a case of criminal threatening with a firearm and a mandatory year in prison.

        God help you if you used a gun .

        Do you see what I mean by the law can be hinkey?

        • I feel sorry for people living in densely populated eastern urban states. They are brainwashed into thinking that they have no rights to defend themselves. They believe that guns are nasty and only policemen are allowed to do any defending. When using a gun becomes a crime, then only criminals will use a gun.
          Is'nt that how it is in Jersey?

          --- the part about the mandatory year is directed at crime perpetrators brandishing firearms..... Not At Would-Be Victims engaged in protection of life & property. When one does all one's homework in advance, learning up on legal codes, - making sure to document events , etc, then it's something like owning a get-out-of-jail-free card. Presented with a wealth of solid evidence, no jury will penalize a homeowner for chasing off destructive goons. The law empowers honest citizens against violent thuggery. Say that crooked thug threatens physical harm? Shoot it on video...then shoot the son of a bitch in the leg or shoulder --- until he "get's it". --- the jury is more likely to set the homeowner free with admiration & a pat on the back than anything else..... even if that crook winds up dead
          • Unsu...
            ******the part about the mandatory year is directed at crime perpetrators brandishing firearms..... Not At Would-Be Victims engaged in protection of life & property. ************

            Well , that Briggie, was the fact pattern from a case on point in Maine in which I was involved.

            I'm an attorney Briggie, complete with my Doctorate in law from one of the nation's top law schools and currently licensed in three non reciprocal jurisdictions (3 states) . When I hand out free legal advice, you can take it to the bank.

            People, in my experience, are not necessarily brainwashed into thinking they have no rights to defend themselves. The problem is the complexity in the law (as I tried to outline) and the screwiness of the courts and prosecutors.
            Some prosecutors ( I know more than a few) will try to jam you up, even knowing full well that their state supreme courts have held that they are wrong in how they are trying to interpret and enforce a particular law. They don't give a shit they will try anyway.

            Some judges act like the second prosecutor even bolstering the states case and sometimes Briggie when you go to appeals all you get are more judges who have their own ideas about how things should be and to hell with the law.

            It doesn't help either that to defend yourself against a charge that can get you a year or more in prison might end up costing you 20 - 50 thousand dollars and that's before you even get an appeal ( assuming you end up with grounds for an appeal). Appeals are always more.

            Briggie just to show how nutz the justice system can be:
            I tried a case here in NJ where the guy hit a dirt embankment on the edge of a farm field on an unlit two lane blacktop at night,
            He and his wife got out of the car,
            They stepped in poison ivy in shorts and sandels
            Their home was like 200 feet away so they went home to wash the poison ivy off their feet and legs
            The driver immediately ( within 7 minutes) called the State Police to report the accident.
            The 911 operator insisted he "return on foot to the scene" his wife was shaken and they were still dealing with poison ivy, so he told the cops that the officer was welcome to come to his house around the corner to interview him.
            The State cop arrived at the scene and ransacked the car from one end to the other finding not a single thing out of place.
            **The law in NJ is that absent a warrant they can not do this, they can only look in 3 places for the Vehicle paperwork: Center console, Driver's visor, and Glove box. That's it and the law is clear. In NJ they need a warrant to search unless they have both probable cause and exigent circumstances. Neither was available on these facts. They were going to tow the car to their impound anyway ( and did) and could easily get a warrant.
            The police report had the box for whether there was alcohol involved checked "NO."
            They charged him with Leaving the the scene

            The Law in NJ is that the Leaving the scene statute is all about Identification so that any persons who were harmed or their property can be made right. That's it. And my guy identified himself immediately.

            >>>The state Supreme court on point is State v Gill. It is about a guy who crashed his car went home did not call the cops and when they came to his house he was washing his wounds cause he got banged up and claimed he was going to call in and report. The Supreme Court said that this was good enough.<<<

            At trial the prosecutor failed to aver, introduce, or make any kind of showing on some of the elements of the offense. This is instantly fatal to the case. There are elements to every offense and the state must prove each and every one of them to the exclusion and beyond a reasonable doubt. If they don't even mention one of them by law they lose - plain and simple.

            But this was miunicipal court so after 8 months of trial the judge who knew that the town fathers who paid the bills for the courthouse expected a return on investment so he pretended that the state did a flawless job invented the missing evidence on the untried elements of the offense and found my guy guilty.

            Yah I made it take 8 months. That's how bad the judge and prosecutor were.
            Meanwhile I made sure the officer understood that he was heading for a lawsuit under Federal Code 1983 fir illegal search and siezure at the car - it was on tape. he prosecutor assure him he had absolutely ZERO exposure and not to worry.
            This prosecutor was the muni prosecutor for 8 towns in the area.

            So we went to appeals
            First appeal is Law Division: The law div judge didn't even ask counsel any questions he had illegally already made his decision and came out with it all written up to read into the record. In it he invented evidence of his own - - just made it up - - and read it into the record.

            Then off to appellate division:
            The 2 appellate judges I got have a history of making the result fit their preferences to hell with the law.
            They invented more evidence that was not on the record below, refused to allow oral argument, and dismissed my briefs as meritless.
            So off to the NJ supreme Court:
            They didn't want to hear the case because there was nothing new on the facts for them to be entertained by and in State v Gill they had already settled the matter anyway. This is typical of high court judges. They want to be entertained and they despise hearing cases with the same facts and issues at law twice. So they just declined to hear the matter.

            But Before the Supreme Court said "no" my guys Statute of limitations action was about to expire on suing the police.
            It's two years and he had mere weeks left.
            So we filed in federal court

            So left with damn little and knowing that the SCOTUS was almost certainly not going to want to hear a case about a traffic violation my guy was well and truly fucked. All that was left for him was to destroy the prosecutor and kick the cop as hard as he could so we filed the Federal 1983 civil rights action against the NJ state police.

            The case went before the Fed District in NJ and unfortunately when the NJ supremes said "no," it meant the end of his lawsuit because to proceed he has to have a victory i on the underlying case in state court.
            But there was a small shiny bit:
            The state police disciplined the cop because he was wrong and made a big stink for them and the state police told each town where that prosecutor was employed that they would no longer bring any actions before their courts so long as he was their prosecutor because he screwed their officer. So the prosecutor is now doing a piss poor job if real estate law in a down market and the cop has been spanked.

            What happened in this case is that the judges were making up for what they believed to be a mistake on the cop's part.
            They were doing enforcement's job for them.
            The believed that my guy scampered off into the dark to avoid a DWI and were not going to let him off the hook - period.
            So they made the case come out how they damn well pleased and to hell with the law.

            And that Briggi, is a tale of justice.

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              Jersey Law

              Mon, August 15, 2011 - 12:17 PM
              Damn Ciff: "So they made the case come out how they damn well pleased and to hell with the law.
              And that Briggi, is a tale of justice. "
              That's some pretty scary stuff.
              I'm glad there are some folks like you willing to take on such corruption!

              I think New Jersey is at the top of my list of states to avoid.
              I bet you've heard of this case:

              "The 27-year-old CEO of a digital magazine, freed by the governor from a badly botched 7-year prison sentence for the “crime” of properly transporting legal firearms, has endured a nightmarish ordeal as unwitting victim of New Jersey’s unforgivable gun laws, compounded exponentially by a judge who refused to let the jury consider exculpatory evidence — a denial of basic due process."
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          Leave your gun in the house

          Mon, August 15, 2011 - 11:59 AM
          Put the guns away boys.

          As I mentioned above, the pellet gun is a step in the wrong direction - I'd call it an escalation.

          I mentioned there are stories - here is a very, very tragic story that I remember in the news from some time back - here in Colorado:

          Neighbor is upset with barking dog.
          Neighbor shoots barking dog with pellet gun.
          Dog owner doesn't realize at first; then dog dies soon after. Vet finds pellet.
          Dog owner confronts neighbor at neighbor's front door.
          Man who used a pellet gun, picks up a shotgun - feels threatened by angry dog owner outside his door.
          Angry owner of dead dog is shot to death on door step (leaving behind a wife and child).
          Killer was not prosecuted for this cold blooded killing of neighbor because we in Colorado have a "Make my day" law.

          The long-standing "joke" in many "make my day" states is that if you shoot someone just outside your house - you should drag their body into your house. I would not shoot someone "attempting" to break into my home to attack me - I would have waited till he crossed the "threshold". When you have a shotgun (and your opponent has a stick) - you can afford to exercise a little self -restraint.
          Just my perception, mind you, but seems to me this Eric Griffin of Ault Colorado is a cowardly murdering bastard.

          I keep a loaded 12 gauge shotgun hidden in my bedroom. If someone breaks into my home - I will hesitate to use it - but use it I will - to protect my life. I live alone and there are no children (a major reason to be extra careful with guns in the home). I began shooting when I was about 9yrs old and spent about 20 years with the military. I'm 60+ plus yrs old now. Despite all my experience with guns - I still have a certain fear of them - ie - a very healthy respect for them.
          I'm personally of the opinion that far more people are shot during crimes of passion, or accidentally (family member comes home late at night; child playing with gun, etc) - far more often than "bad guys" getting shot by homeowners protecting themselves.

          There are probably better arguments for not owning a gun than owning one. So, if you do get a gun, do your homework and be a smart and responsible gun owner (and I might add, exercise some maturity).

          Talk to your neighbors - as a community - come up with solutions. Save all the recordings for future evidence. Letters and other documentation from neighbors will go a long way.
          Talk to all local authorities.

          Thanks for the post Cliff.
          The law should be the first choice (after getting together with your neighbors - taping into "community" solutions).
          Be smart.
          Don't be playing cowboy and "aliens" or gangstas.
          • forewarned is forearmed

            Mon, August 15, 2011 - 2:04 PM
            a) work things so you get a jury trial
            b) take extra caution in corrupt fascist states
            c) move to a semi-free state... it'll make your day
            d) join the NRA - they'll let you in on the plot

            Cliff, in those areas where the legal system is untrue and messed up like that, then you can just as easily count on the likelihood of things going in the other direction. That court is just as likely to burn the perp and turn loose the victim.
            Maybe somebody forgot to remember the prosecutor with a bottle of Justerini&Brooks on his birthday.

            In a jury trial, fellow citizens, not bored cynical officials, are hearing your case. In that venue, our chances of seeing justice are better than those of the thuggy looking bad person.
            • Unsu...

              Re: forewarned is forearmed

              Mon, August 15, 2011 - 4:23 PM
              I'm a big fan of juries.
              All you need to do to get one is Demand it right at the outset - in your initial pleadings.
              In criminal that'd be the paper you submit to the court claiming that the prosecutor is full of hooey and you didn't do any of the things he says. Some states you gotta spell it all out in lurid detail:

              But ya know, just because it's a jury doesn't mean they'll agree with you.

              In NJ you don't get a jury for traffic or DWI.

              • Re: forewarned is forearmed

                Mon, August 15, 2011 - 5:12 PM
                "Be sure you're right,... then go ahead." - Davy Crockett.

                Joyzee is a tough state. Me and my brother lived there for 3 years as children. We used to collect fireflies in pepsi bottles on hot summer nights. We'd wait for the white musical GoodHumor truck every day. We flew 10 cent paper kites.

                I got out of the army a lean mean killin machine and moved to Utah. Here it's the Mormon Mafia. They approve of manfully protecting ones home & kin. The wild west has a bloody history with guns. You need one. Not to harm anything, but to protect yourself from violent individuals who've heard the voice of God saying you need to be dead.
                What a crazy world.
                But it has its beautiful and funny moments......
  • Unsu...

    There is a solution

    Wed, August 17, 2011 - 6:24 AM
    The size of this thread and it's ability to raise itself over and over again informs me of something:
    Among all the people who keep pets there are just too many who are irresponsible jerks who have no compunction when it comes to imposing their "issues" on other people in spite of the obvious wrongness of their acts or harm they cause.

    I think there is a solution tough.
    It is a political one not a violent one and it would solve the problem of having to pay lawyers to sue neighbors

    A performance bond. If every owner of any dog or cat were required by law to maintain a performance bond which would be tapped for the purposes of cleaning up the messes their animals make - - you can be sure that there would be fewer crazy asshat pet owners.

    What you need to do is begin the process of enacting local ordinances that require such a bond for each dog or cat along with stringent licensing regulations and laws regarding neutering and spaying both dogs and cats that are not raised for breeding purposes.
    I guarantee y that the very first time some asshat moron gets a Thousand dollar fine for failure to have a bond and his dog just shat in your yard - I can guarantee you that he'll get rid of the pet or get a bond or build a good fence and keep his dog locked up inside it.
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      Re: There is a solution

      Wed, August 17, 2011 - 9:40 AM
      "A performance bond. If every owner of any dog or cat were required by law to maintain a performance bond which would be tapped for the purposes of cleaning up the messes their animals make - - you can be sure that there would be fewer crazy asshat pet owners. "

      Sounds good Cliff and I think some of the groundwork already exists.
      Many, if not most, cities and counties require owners to get a dog license. Dog tags, not only include a dog license but also rabies shot tags.
      Of course these tags require a fee from the pet owner. A general "performance bond" - say $500 or more - might make it near impossible for a lot of poorer families to have a family pet, thus driving them underground. Governments could also require that pet owners sign a document that spells out the types of responsibilities you mention - where-in the pet owner agrees to be financially as well as criminally responsible for the actions of his pet (dog bites, etc). I'm not so sure about the "performance bond" (except with certain animals with a history); spay neuter unless bonded and special license.

      My preferred - expanded solution:
      For many years I've felt that, thru some mass application of birth control - "something in the water" (which may be possible someday; maybe something injected at approach of puberty), that no one should be allowed to bring a child into the world unless they meet certain basic qualification such as:
      - not, or not living with a paedophile
      - no history of child abuse
      - meets certain base financial criteria (I'm tired of paying for other's kids)
      - no convicted felons
      - must have successfully completed a parenting class (nutrition, health, behaviour management, education, financial planning, etc)
      - pass a health scan (transmission of disease and genetic problems; high risk groups)

      I know - "Aryan race" - genetic programming !!?? Not really.
      Just suggesting - that now - thanks to our great compassion - everybody lives and everybody gets to breed. People may not be able to take care of themselves - but they can bring babies into the world (which the rest of us end of paying for in so many ways).
      The hospitals, institutions and prisons are overflowing as it is.
      • Unsu...

        Re: There is a solution

        Thu, August 18, 2011 - 6:54 AM
        Why should any one care about poor people and any ability to own a dog? Dog ownership is not a constitutional right.
        I see nothing wrong with making dog ownership expensive and the concomitant fines for failure to comply with the regulations even more so.

        People howled bloody murder when some states jacked their traffic fines through the roof. But once Billy-Bad-Driver picks up a $500 dollar ticket for tailgating you can bet it will be the last time he does that.

        So if Polly-Poverty wants a dog she's got to think about the cost of getting that bond - - not merely the cost but the exercise she has to go through the get on in the first place. Odds are she won't have even heard of the term. So there will be something working in her favor that will assist her with the concept of delayed gratification. That is to say the costs of dog ownership are not trivial even without the proposals I made. There's food -it ain't cheap, there's the mess, there's the noise, the hair everywhere, the parasites, and the care and attention they will have to put out. If Polly is stalled in her headlong rush to make yet one more hasty and bad decision, then maybe - - - just maybe - - - the hurdles will allow their brain to cogitate on all the other stuff and maybe she'll find her way to a wise decision.

        I am a really big fan of Civil Rights. Hell, I've dedicated much of my career to defending them, but not everything is a right.

        This conversation is getting awfully close to being political and thus, VERBOTTEN in this tribe. Upon pain of death.
        Yes there is a tribe executioner. He's lurking over there behind the doll house in the tribe avatar.
        Maybe you should take a gander at
        • Unsu...

          Re: There is a solution

          Tue, August 23, 2011 - 6:57 AM
          dogs and cats can become regulated just as liquor is and the transferring of an animal can be regulated whether it's for money or free.

          The local ordinances can be structured that they sweep into their ambit the party who transfers a pet to another requiring all such transactions be recorded and registered with the municipality and carry stiff fines for those transferring animals where there was np proof of the bond and license by the person receiving the animal.

          This way if Betty-Brat lets her dog crap on your lawn and she never got a bond or license then the town can go after her and the party who transferred the animal to her if that person i in the town.
          If the laws are at the state level then the whole state would be regulated

          I think it's a great idea.
  • I had the same problem. when my neighbors would come back from work, their 2 small dogs would get out of the house and cross the street to crap on my lawn. What I did is when he arrived one day, I walked out, watched his dog crap and asked him to pick it up immediately. He looked at me, walked to the poop and picked it up with his hands and threw it on his lawn. I said thank you and the next day, I spread a whole lot of cayenne pepper all over the front of the property, where the dogs usually entered my property. Tthis time I stayed inside when he got home, his dogs came out as usual and as they came on my lawn, they started to sneeze like crazy. I then got out, indicated to him that he should make sure his dogs don't go on other people's properties as I had used a very powerful chemical to get rid of bugs. I even warned him that he should have his dogs examined by a vet to be safe. He did, had to pay the vet, then told me the vet said that they were OK. I smiled and again warned him that people put all kinds of chemicals on their lawn and if he likes his pets, he should make sure they stay on his property.
    • I have three dogs, all of them are latrine trained to defecate in the same place (on my own property) where it can easily be cleaned up and disposed of.
      If I take the dogs out, I carry biodegradable plastic bags to remove any 'accidents' and dispose of them.
      As someone earlier in this thread mentioned that "its not the dog's fault".
      Forget the ideas of 'shooting someone's pet' , instead why not try to teach people to act in a decent manner and respect other people and their property.
      This thread is symptomatic of the decline in moral standards affecting modern society and has less to do with dogs and much much more to do with rude agressive people who live too close to others and inflict themselves on others in all sorts of unpleasant ways not just dog shit.
      I would also say that before you go to the trouble and expense of legal proceedings you should make sure that the person you intend to sue actually has money or assets or you'll just end up paying all your own costs and gaining little more then an amortised token payment.
      As an ex soldier and long time firearm owner I would also like to say that guns are not a good way to solve arguments between neighbours.
      • Amen.
        • --- there ought to be a law about who gets to own a dog. A dog, after all, is a living being, a primate, with sensibilities & sensitivities. Too often a dog becomes a fashion accessory, a surrogate love object, an extension of the owners sense of territoriality. How often have you been in public where a looudmouth dog owner person continuously shouts commands at his pet on the pretext of training it.... but in reality he is shouting at the entire park or public space - training the whole neighborhood. For some, the dog becomes the employee and they the boss.... kind of a psychological acting out with the dog playing role of victim.l It gets ugly and it gets stupid. Not everyone is naturally entitled to own a life-- sometimes not even their own.

          As to establishing deterrents, yes it's a good idea. Sometimes just letting the agressive territorial dog owner know that you posess a firearm is enough of a deterrent to keep him and his chattel from coming over to establish territory. Hopefully things don't have to go further than that.
          • " A dog, after all, is a living being, a primate, with sensibilities & sensitivities. Too often a dog becomes a fashion accessory, a surrogate love object, an extension of the owners sense of territoriality. How often have you been in public where a looudmouth dog owner person continuously shouts commands at his pet on the pretext of training it"

            I would just like to point out that dogs are not primates Briggi, next time you see a dog take a good look for opposable thumbs, if you find any it's probably not a dog. You may be mistaking escaped monkeys or small children for dogs in which case some new glasses should be your number one priority .

            You are right (well, apart from the obvious typo) in what you said about "a looudmouth dog owner person continuously shouts commands at his pet on the pretext of training it" because that is not the way to train a dog.
            Training a dog well takes patience, consistancy and at least a basic knowledge of training methodology (there are several ways in which to train dogs but I prefer repetition and rewards in the form of treats and praise.This training takes place in a quiet environment with as few distractions as possible and as the dog learns more the treats are gradually replaced by the praise.) This is not some kind of kind of a "psychological acting out with the dog playing role of victim" as you quite rudely put it but a responsible dog owners duty both to the dog and other people.

            By the way, I now have four dogs living with me as I have adopted one whose former owner is soon going to be serving in Afganistan.
            • Unsu...
              Primate? I think that's the wrong word.
              Dogs belong to the genus canus not primate
              • Unsu...
                I walk my dog when I get home from work. He has an area in my back yard that he craps in at certain times of the day while I am gone. I have a set schedule when he eats. My neighbor down the street accuses my dog of crapping in their front lawn. They only see me walk my dog in the evening and have never actually seen him crap in their yard. They dont see any other dogs but him. I can tell that they also dont like him because he is a pitbull. He is only out when I have him on a leash when we take our walk. My neighbor is mad but we dont know who the mystery shitter is. Someone is shitting there while we are at work but they dont shit during the weekend. I have been doing my best to survey thier yard and the neighborhood in general for other dogs. I dont see any while I am home. My dog is 5 years old and not agresssive. Infact he is very freindly and mellow, but I keep my back yard gate secured and my fences are in perfect condition. He cant get out.

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              loved ones left behind

              Wed, August 24, 2011 - 4:30 PM
              "...I have adopted one whose former owner is soon going to be serving in Afganistan. "

              Thanks for that Mike.
              One of my biggest worries, when I was in the Gurard, was what I would do with my old dog if I got called up (2 weeks a year was hard enough).

              I'm hoping the adoption is temp foster care till this person comes back (but I guess you did say "former" owner).
              At least the service person will have peace of mind knowing the dog is well cared for - and they can give their full attention to the dangers at hand.
              • Re: loved ones left behind

                Thu, August 25, 2011 - 11:06 AM
                "I'm hoping the adoption is temp foster care till this person comes back (but I guess you did say "former" owner)."

                One step at a time.
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                  Re: loved ones left behind

                  Thu, August 25, 2011 - 1:48 PM
                  Best friends; loyal to the end:

                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.

                    Re: loved ones left behind

                    Thu, August 25, 2011 - 2:11 PM
                    I don't know what to say, that is so sad. It is a story that toutchs me in two ways, both the death of a serviceman and the loyalty of his pet.
                    • loyal guard? that's what dogs do

                      Thu, August 25, 2011 - 2:54 PM
                      yes a Good Dog can be a big asset. This will usually be a dog that is allowed to be a dog.... and not be employed as a love object or whipping boy or surrogate human or other such perversions.

                      Correction to my previous post>> delete Primate, and substitute the word Mammal. You see dogs have mothers too -- similar to people in that respect .
                      And the other thing was you must not mistreat a dog. That is to take out your sadness, or anger, or the brutality of your life on your dog .... well that's just plain wrong. Like when your boss or lover puts a bunch of ass on you then don't go beating up your dog --- that's not what dogs are for. And I said that too many people mistreat pets .... giving strength to the arguement about making pet ownership a privilege not anyones entitlement.

                      For instance, a dog will be an effective guard, by nature... if you allow that dog to be a dog... and not de-nature it to make it more of an affectionate licky lap-comforter. By nature that dog will keep other dogs the hell off property --- which that dog sees as its own property.
  • We WISH all dog owners were respectful and nice. We live on a corner with a deep side yard (not fenced). Dogs are walked here from about a 5 block radius to do their business. One neighbor has 4 howling / barking dogs and not only brought them here to relieve themselves but would walk them under our bedroom window between 5 - 5:30am because it was a short cut to her house. Waking up startled by 4 howing/barking dogs was infuriating. (For your reading enjoyment, picture a disheveled 60 year old being dragged by these dogs in a hot pursuit after squirrels or cats!).

    We initially knocked on their door a couple times to ask them nicely, but they wouldn't answer, so we resorted to writing a nice note with the words please and thank you. That didn't work so we resorted to calling the pound. Now there's another neighbor with 1 dog who literally screamed at us, pointing out other neighbor's signs saying the signs didn't matter, we live in the city and we need to get used to dogs peeing on our lawn because that's what dogs do and if we don't like it - move. In her hysteria she called us bullies,mean and said the people whom we've asked to take their dogs elsewhere hated us. She refused to respond to us not owning more than the city's limits of dogs (it's 3), that we don't take our dogs to their yards and we weren't the ones screaming.

    We phoned the Dumb Friend's League and they suggested spraying cougar urine and rather than calling the pound, file a police report. Being nice has worked against us, so in the meantime of a nursery visit, we're phoning police (like they don't have better things to do). The DFL reminded us that there aren't bad dogs, only bad owners. Amen!
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      good fences make good neighbors

      Sat, September 10, 2011 - 1:07 PM
      If at all possible, I'd build a fence.
      Check with local codes (covenants, easement, etc); probably need to get a permit.
      Since there is probably an easement - which would be on the outside of your fence (built back from the easement) - I would remove the grass from that easement, put down weed block and cover it with rock (virtually no maintenance). If it is sharp decorative rock - the dogs will be less inclined to walk on it.

      As far as cost, you may be able to get a lot of the materials free on Craig's list:
      Even a short fence - say 3' - is all you need.

      It may seem like a lot of effort to put in a fence (and it's not fair to you), but think about the years of aggravation you will be saving yourself from.
  • Dee
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    I remember my mom let our dogs out on the beach and the dogs were delighted to find a dead seal carcass, they rolled in it and were completely putrified and thrilled about the whole experience!

    She had to wash them several times just to get some of the smell to go away, now that neighbors regularly let their dogs out all over this neighborhood I am considering catching some fine stinky fish to let rot as fertilizer under the plants the dogs love to pee on. Too bad the dogs will find the stink irresistible, I doubt their owners will.

    I don't hate dogs, just tired of irresponsible pet owners.
    • >I don't hate dogs, just tired of irresponsible pet owners. <

      ditto that sentiment, and unfortunately I live in a town where people think their dogs are...people!

      I like to use the motion-detector water sprayer to deter animals (and a few people)... but your idea Dee, is so dog-oriented, creative and hilarious - I like how the dog becomes his own(ers) worst enemy just by being a dog!
      • I also like that idea with the fish Dee, that is what I call lateral thinking :¬)
        • Dee
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          I'll post again with an update, my husband is telling me an Amber Jack fish gets extremely stinky, hopefully the neighborhood mutts..will find it irresistible...

          • Throw some firecrackers (aka crackers, noise makers, bangers, or bungers) when the dog is your lawn, sooner or later it will be terrified to enter your property. :)
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              injurying the dog is not the answer

              Tue, September 20, 2011 - 8:13 AM
              Dogs often respond to thrown items by going to check them out - might be a toy or a treat.
              Imagine a firecracker going off in your face.
              Even a small firecracker can cause serious injury.
              You might blame the dog's injury on the owner, but you will be the one to pay the legal price (you might even make the broadcast news).
              • Unsu...

                Re: injurying the dog is not the answer

                Tue, September 20, 2011 - 9:55 AM
                Thrown items, now there's a thought
                Years ago when I was more irascible than Bugs Bunny if that had occurred to me I'd have gone and purchased a bucket of chicken gizzards a and such. Then sat by the side of a busy road, tempting the annoying dogs to chase the tasty morsels into said roadway.

                Imagine the fun.
                New Game: Dodge Car Dogs

                I did hand out frozen shrimp one Halloween. I sprinkled them into the open bags.
                Another year it was ice cubes.
                Trick or Treat my ass~!!!
                Another year it was 12 ox cans of cheap store brand soda. The neighbor's yards were littered the next day with empty soda cans.
                Hey~!! It was New Jersey. It's part of the ambiance


                • Re: injurying the dog is not the answer

                  Tue, September 20, 2011 - 11:38 AM
                  Dont hurt the animals. They are pets and have no concept of why they cant crap in your lawn. The pet owners DO understand why their pets shouldn't crap in your lawn and therefore, if you must hurt someone, hurt them. Having crap in your yard is not nice at all and is a biohazard. being nice when dealing with neighbors is only an option that will benefit THEM. You have to live in close proximity to them and it is their responsibility to make it stop. You shouldn't have to change your yard in any way. If they are people who tell you that you should just get used to having dogs piss and crap in your yard because the neighborhood is that way, then you should treat that neighbor as an enemy and do what it takes to make them stop.

                  I remember a time when I had a problem with a neighbor (not dog related but worse). When I indirectly and vaguely implied that someone may come into his home and murder him if he doesn't stop, he became a compliant and peaceful neighbor.

                  Tact is not always nice.

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